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Which drill seeder for atv

A drill seeder for an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is a piece of equipment designed to be towed behind an ATV to plant seeds in a controlled and efficient manner. This type of equipment is commonly used in agricultural and gardening applications.

. Here are some key features and considerations for a drill seeder for ATV:


  1. Size and Capacity:
    • Choose a drill seeder that suits the size of your ATV and the scale of your seeding needs.
    • Consider the hopper capacity, as it determines how much seed you can carry and plant before needing to refill.
  2. Seed Variety:
    • Ensure that the drill seeder is suitable for the types and sizes of seeds you plan to sow.
    • Some seeders are adjustable to accommodate various seed sizes.
  3. Adjustable Row Spacing:
    • Look for a drill seeder that allows you to adjust the spacing between rows to accommodate different crops or planting preferences.
  4. Depth Control:
    • A good drill seeder should offer depth control options to ensure that seeds are planted at the desired depth for optimal germination.
  5. Ground Conditions:
    • Consider the terrain and ground conditions where you plan to use the drill seeder. Some models may have features for better performance on uneven or rough terrain.
  6. Durability and Build Quality:
    • Choose a drill seeder that is well-built and durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor use.
  7. Ease of Use:
    • Look for a model that is easy to attach to your ATV and simple to operate.
    • Features such as a user-friendly control system and easy adjustments can contribute to a more efficient seeding process.
  8. Maintenance:
    • Check for ease of maintenance and availability of replacement parts.
  9. Brand and Reviews:
    • Consider reputable brands that are known for producing reliable agricultural equipment.
    • Read user reviews to get insights into the performance and durability of specific models.
  10. Cost:
    • Compare prices of different models and choose one that fits your budget while meeting your requirements.


Type of ATV drill

There are various types of ATV drill seeders available, and the choice depends on factors such as the scale of your seeding operation, the type of crops you’re planting, and the specific features you need. Here are some common types of ATV drill seeders:

  1. Broadcast Seeders:
    • These seeders distribute seeds widely across a broad area. They are suitable for planting grass, cover crops, or any crops where precise row spacing is not critical.
  2. Row Crop Seeders:
    • Designed for more precision, row crop seeders plant seeds in distinct rows. They often have adjustable row spacing to accommodate different crops.
  3. No-Till Seeders:
    • No-till seeders are designed to plant seeds without prior soil cultivation. They can cut through existing vegetation and deposit seeds directly into the soil, promoting conservation tillage practices.
  4. Grain Drills:
    • Grain drills are specialized seeders designed for planting larger grains such as wheat, barley, and oats. They typically have multiple rows and precise seed placement.
  5. Overseeder or Slit Seeder:
    • These seeders are designed to oversee existing lawns or pastures. They cut slits into the soil and drop seeds into these slits, facilitating overseeding without disturbing the entire area.
  6. Precision Seeders:
    • Precision seeders are equipped with advanced technology for accurate seed placement and spacing. They may have GPS guidance systems and variable rate seeding capabilities for optimized planting.
  7. Cultipacker Seeders:
    • Cultipacker seeders combine the functions of a cultipacker and a seeder. The cultipacker helps firm the soil after seeding, improving seed-to-soil contact.
  8. Pneumatic Seeders:
    • Pneumatic seeders use air pressure to propel seeds through tubes and into the soil. They are known for their accuracy and ability to handle a variety of seed types.
  9. Handheld Seeders:
    • While not typically towed by an ATV, handheld seeders are worth mentioning. They are manually operated and suitable for smaller-scale planting or spot seeding.

When choosing a specific type of ATV drill seeder, consider the requirements of your planting project, the types of seeds you’ll be using, and the terrain conditions. It’s also important to check compatibility with your ATV and ensure that the seeder meets your specific needs for precision and efficiency.


popular ATV drill seeder options to get you started:

While specific models of ATV drill seeders may vary based on availability, region, and new releases, here are some popular and reputable brands that produce quality ATV drill seeders. Keep in mind that models and features can change, so it’s advisable to check the latest product offerings and reviews from reliable sources before making a purchase:

  1. Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment:
    • Tarter is known for manufacturing a range of agricultural equipment, including ATV seeders. Their products are often durable and well-built.
  2. Brinly-Hardy:
    • Brinly-Hardy produces a variety of lawn and garden equipment, including tow-behind seeders. They are known for their precision seeders and spreaders.
  3. Earthway:
    • Earthway specializes in seeding and spreading equipment, including models suitable for use with ATVs. They offer a range of broadcast seeders with adjustable settings.
  4. Chapin International:
    • Chapin manufactures a variety of sprayers and spreaders, including ATV-mounted spreaders that can be adapted for seeding purposes.
  5. King Kutter:
    • King Kutter is a well-known brand for agricultural implements, and they produce ATV seeders suitable for various planting applications.
  6. Field Tuff:
    • Field Tuff offers a selection of ATV seeders and spreaders designed for efficiency and ease of use in gardening and agricultural tasks.
  7. Agri-Fab:
    • Agri-Fab produces a wide range of lawn and garden equipment, including ATV-mounted spreaders that can be adapted for seeding purposes.
  8. SeederMax:
    • SeederMax is a brand that specializes in ATV seeders and overseeders, providing options for both broadcast and precision planting.
  9. Land Pride:
    • Land Pride manufactures agricultural equipment, and some models of their seeders are suitable for use with ATVs.
  10. Farm King:
    • Farm King is a brand that produces a variety of agricultural equipment, and they offer ATV-mounted seeders for efficient planting.

When considering a specific model, it’s crucial to match the seeder’s features with your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, always check for the latest reviews and product specifications to ensure that the chosen ATV drill seeder meets your requirements.

advantages and disadvantages of ATV seeder

Advantages of ATV Seeders:

  • Precise Seed Placement: ATV seeders plant seeds in neat rows at a controlled depth and spacing, leading to more even germination and growth. This is in contrast to broadcast spreaders, which scatter seeds haphazardly, wasting many and leading to uneven growth.
  • Reduced Seed Waste: By placing seeds directly into the soil, ATV seeders minimize waste compared to broadcasting methods. This can save you money on seeds and be more environmentally friendly.
  • Improved Efficiency: Planting in rows allows for easier weed control and cultivation later on. This saves time and effort compared to managing a field with scattered seeds.
  • Maneuverability: ATVs are much more maneuverable than tractors, making them ideal for planting in small fields, around obstacles, or on uneven terrain.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to larger tractor-mounted seeders, ATV seeders are generally more affordable, making them a good option for small farms or hobbyists.
  • Versatility: Many ATV seeders can handle a variety of seed types and sizes, making them a versatile tool for different planting needs.

Disadvantages of ATV Seeders:

  • Limited Working Width: ATV seeders typically have a narrower working width than tractor-mounted seeders, meaning it takes longer to cover large areas.
  • Lower Capacity: Hoppers on ATV seeders are generally smaller than those on tractors, requiring more frequent refilling for large planting jobs.
  • Power Limitations: ATVs may not have the power to handle heavy seeders or work in very tough soil conditions.
  • Initial Investment: While generally more affordable than tractor-mounted seeders, ATV seeders still require an initial investment.
  • Attachment and Operation: Depending on the model, attaching and operating an ATV seeder might require some effort and practice.


ATV seeders are valuable tools for anyone who wants to efficiently and accurately plant seeds on their property. They offer the advantage of precise seed placement, reduced seed waste, improved efficiency, and maneuverability compared to traditional broadcasting methods. While they may have limitations in working width, capacity, and power, their affordability and versatility make them a great choice for small to medium-sized planting jobs.

Whether you’re a small farmer, a hobby gardener, or someone who simply wants to improve your lawn or landscaping, an ATV seeder can be a valuable addition to your equipment arsenal.


Q: What type of seeds can I plant with an ATV seeder?

A: ATV seeders can handle a variety of seed types and sizes, including vegetables, grains, wildflowers, and cover crops. others. It’s important to check the seeder’s specifications and consult the manual for recommended seed types and sizes.

Q: How much land can I cover with an ATV seeder?

A: The amount of land you can cover with an ATV seeder depends on the working width of the seeder and your speed. A typical ATV seeder with a 4-foot working width can cover about an acre per hour at a moderate speed.

Q: How do I maintain an ATV seeder?

A: After each use, clean the seeder thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, or seeds that could clog the mechanism. Lubricate any moving parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Store the seeder in a dry place when not in use.

Q: Where can I buy an ATV seeder?

A: ATV seeders can be purchased from farm and garden supply stores, online retailers, and some ATV dealerships.

I hope this information helps you decide if an ATV seeder is right for you!